This section covers and shed light on some of noteworthy assignments and tasks that I have accomplished with the companies that I have worked with..

Noteworthy Assignments

1: HR SETUP | Tangence India Over my 6 years tenure, I played an instrumental role in setting up the HR department in Tangence (India) almost from the scratch. With the assistance of the management team I was able to implement best HR practices. I introduced an effective performance management system, conducted the first 360 appraisals, initiated EIS and proper HR record management, conducted various employee surveys, started employee engagement benefits programs and formed the culture club committee.

2: TALENT ACQUISITION | Tangence India  I transformed the way recruitment was done in Tangence. I played an crucial role in the growth and expansion of Tangence India operations from a workforce total of 40 to 250. I ensured that the talent acquisition team always met their targets within the specified TAT and to the satisfaction of the hiring managers/HOD. I led the team to achieve 100% internal recruitment mark. Negotiated over 500 job offers and always ensured the hiring quality never dwindled. Personally hired for leadership position for India and US office.       

3: TALENT MANAGEMENT | Tangence India I helped build a conductive and transparent work culture in organisation. I kept the attrition level below 5% when the industry averages were always in double digits. Attained 40% of the hiring target through referrals which again indicates high employee satisfaction level.  


“Faisal comes across as very helpful person with amazing conceptualization skills. I have found him to be proactive and goal oriented. As a member of the senior management team, I have always found him forthcoming with new and creative ideas for employee engagement & retention. As the head of HR, Faisal has played an instrumental role in the Tangence's growth. His friendly and easy going approach make him popular with peers and employees alike. An asset for any organization he works with.” 

Brian Fortune, VP Marketing & Business Development, Tangence Inc.

“Faisal came across as a bright star even amongst the candidates when I was hiring HR person at Tangence! And he didn't let anyone down. Right from smart and timely recruitment, to strategic insights, strong execution - he was brilliant! It was a pleasure to work with him.”
- Vishal Manchanda, VP Operations, Tangence Inc.

“Faisal's commitment & dedication towards work is outstanding. He has a very positive attitude and wants all the work to be completed before deadline. The were some times where we had to work together during late hours also and I got a lot of support from him. He is a great guy to work with. I strongly recommend him for any assignment / job. All the best!.”

- Aseem Anand, Founder, Opus Info Solutions